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New Follygon Tutorials: Hair + Exercises to Improve your Sculpting

New Follygon Tutorials: Hair + Exercises to Improve your Sculpting

Hey all! I wanted to tell you about my two new tutorials. The first is a deep dive on sculpting hair. Breaking it down into a step by step process that anyone can follow for success. My second tutorial covers 5 actionable exercises that anyone can do to improve their sculpting. These tutorials are awesome for beginners and advanced users alike. I go into a ton of in depth, real time detail in both of these tutorials and you can read about each below to find out more!

Sculpting Gorgeous Hair

In this tutorial I will teach you a step by step process for successfully sculpting hair.

We will start by breaking down the hair into its primary forms. Then look at how we can refine further to give our hair more character. We'll look at techniques such as splitting our hair up into parts, to have more control and also lend a nice feel for the different main sections of a particular hairstyle. We'll also be looking at variation and how that can create contrast and thus visual interest.

What at first seams complex we will break down into obtainable steps throughout this video.

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Exercises to Improve your Sculpting

In this tutorial I will teach you 5 separate exercises, building in skill and difficulty with each that will improve your sculpting abilities.

These exercises start very beginner friendly and build on top of one another becoming more advanced with each. Ending with targeting the development of your own personal art style.

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Nes tor

If I sign up for patreon this month, will I have access to these latest courses(videos)?

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Yes, including all the tutorials listed on my front page :) Character Posing and Transpose Master Sculpting Gorgeous Hair Creating Clean Clothing Anatomical Proportions and Landmarks Exercises to Improve your Sculpting Creating Base Meshes and Blockouts Refinement and Secondary Form Hard Surface Modeling Sculpting a Stylized Female Head in ZBrush

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Nes tor

thats awe

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