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New Follygon Tutorial: Creating a Fun Pokemon Scene

Perfect for Absolute Beginners and Intermediate Users Looking to Learn in a Structured, Fun Way!

Hey all, I wanted to tell you about my New Tutorial where you will learn how to sculpt fun Pokemon characters in ZBrush from someone that has professionally worked on the Pokemon IP. Starting from nothing and finishing with a final render in Blender. All while learning the ins and outs of my workflow to create a successful final image.

Each successive chapter in this tutorial builds on top of the last. Start slow by learning the ins and outs of ZBrush instructed with in-depth analysis and step by step instruction. Next, begin ramping up your knowledge and toolset with each chapter as fun brushes and new tools are introduced. Walk away from this tutorial with a deeper understanding of the ZBrush software, sculpting characters, creating environments, rendering in Blender, post processing in Photoshop, and the overall workflow for creating a successful image.

I love to say simple doesn't mean easy, so expect me to go in depth on every aspect of creating this scene. My entire process is covered in this tutorial so that even an absolute beginner will be able to follow along. Additionally there will be plenty of great information, tips, and advice for advanced users as well.

This tutorial is FREE for all members of The Rendered tier on my Patreon.

Covered in this In-Depth Tutorial

  • Learn how to plan out your scene with a simple mockup.
  • Learn how to sculpt 7 fun Pokemon characters from scratch, with each chapter building progressively on top of the last.
  • Learn how to paint your characters in ZBrush.
  • Learn how to composite a scene together.
  • Learn how to prepare your files for rendering in Blender.
  • Learn how to render a professional looking image.
  • Learn how to Post Process your final rendered image in Photoshop.

Tutorial Chapters

  • 1 Welcome - 2:11
  • 2 Plan Ahead with a Mockup - 7:59
  • 3 Sculpting Dugtrio - 44:59
  • 4 Sculpting Ditto - 26:45
  • 5 Sculpting Koffing - 55:01
  • 6 Sculpting Slowpoke - 37:53
  • 7 Sculpting Charmander - 32:11
  • 8 Sculpting Ekans - 30:42
  • 9 Sculpting Jigglypuff - 32:57
  • 10 Creating the Environment - 52:44
  • 11 Putting it all Together - 35:25
  • 12 Exporting - 25:34
  • 13 Rendering - 25:59
  • 14 Post Processing - 24:53
  • 15 Goodbye for Now - 1:38

Files Included:

  • 15 Step by step, real-time video tutorial chapters going through the stages of creating a fun Pokemon scene totalling over 7 hours of footage.
  • 7 Pokemon character 3D models (ZTL and OBJ)
  • 1 Mockup Scene 3D Model (ZTL and OBJ)
  • 1 Environment 3D model (ZTL and OBJ)
  • 1 Composited Scene 3D Model (ZTL)
  • 1 Decimated Scene 3D Model (ZTL and OBJ)
  • 1 Premade Blender file with Camera and lights for rendering (BLEND)
  • 1 Final Blender file with Pokemon characters, environment, and lighting ready for rendering (BLEND)
  • 4K Rendered Wallpapers of the Final Scene

This tutorial is perfect for absolute beginners and intermediate users looking to learn in a structured, fun way. I'm really excited to share this knowledge with you and hope that you are excited to dive in!

Click Here to download and find out more!

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