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New Follygon Tutorial: Anatomical Proportions and Landmarks

Anatomical Proportions and Landmarks of the Human Body

Hey all, I wanted to tell you about my new tutorial!

The human body is one of the most difficult and complex artistic subjects around. But it doesn't need to be hard. With this tutorial, you will no longer need to guess where something should be but instead, move forward quickly with confidence in your abilities to understand and recreate the human form.

We will be using what is most commonly called the 8-head method. Sometimes referred to as idealistic proportions. We will be looking at the differences generally expected between males and females, as well as artistic areas of exaggeration.

Additionally, this tutorial is very beginner friendly where everything is explained from the ground up with no prior knowledge required. Can't wait to have you take a look. I know it will be helpful!

Click Here to download and find out more!

Check It Out!

This tutorial is FREE for all students of the Appeal Academy and members of The Rendered tier on my Patreon.


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I Chris, I responded to you on Patreon already but if you didn't see that message you can access this tutorial under the tutorials tab on the main page of my Patreon. Have a great day!

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