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New Follygon Content: ModMesh - Modular Base Meshes

ModMesh: Modular Base Meshes

Start from a pre built mesh or design your own from over 28 million possible combinations.

ModMesh's simple and beautiful design will get you heading towards a finished character in no time.

Modular, easy to use, and uniquely appealing. Where most base meshes are too rigid in style and difficult to manipulate, ModMesh gives you the tools to quickly and easily design exactly what you need.

Choose from 31 pre built heads, effortlessly create your own from millions of possible combinations, or let randomness take over and decide for you.

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  • 31 Unique, High Quality, Pre Built Head Base Meshes
  • Build Your Own Assembly File: with completely modular parts that are easy to combine into something unique
  • Millions of possible combinations (28,629,151 to be precise... well technically more but who's counting?)
  • Appealing forms that subdivide cleanly and combine effortlessly.
  • Unique names for referencing each pre built head and part
  • Will work with nearly any 3D software and designed to work even better with ZBrush

Files Included:

  • 31 Pre Built, Unique Head Base Meshes (ZTL & FBX)
  • Assembly File with Split and Organized Parts to Create Your Own Unique Head (ZTL & FBX)
  • Example File containing 10 Heads, Combined from Different Parts (ZTL & FBX)
  • Tutorial Video Showing Best Practices and Tips for Working with ModMesh (MP4)


1. Is this product beginner friendly?

Absolutely! Anyone can easily combine parts from ModMesh to create their own unique heads.

2. What is the topology like?

Clean, simple geo that subdivides beautifully. Please note that topology is not animation ready as ModMesh parts are designed to be combined.

3. Why do the base meshes not have eyes, mouths, eyebrows, etc?

Areas like the eyes and mouth are such expressive parts of the face that they can lock you in to a specific direction. ModMesh is designed to give you the cleanest and most useful forms possible without locking you into a rigid base. Allowing for the easiest and quickest freedom to create your own head.

4. What software will these work in?

The provided FBX files will work with nearly any 3D software, while the ZTL files are specific to ZBrush.

5. Where can I get your brushes, etc?

My Brushes:

Everything Else:

6. Will you be doing more heads, bodies, etc?

28 Million possible combinations not enough for you eh? Me either! That's why I will be creating more and expanding upon ModMesh in the near future! If there is something specific you would like to see, I would love your feedback. Don't hesitate to reach out!

Check It Out!


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Vespora (Kristi C.)

Hiya! Super excited to check this out. However it looks like the lack of SSL on the website is causing web blockers to freak out. Please take a peek at the web code and confirm you aren’t doing things like mixing http and https source files (images, scripts, etc) and be sure you have an SSL cert if there’s checkout info.

Comment author avatar

Hey Kristi, Gumroad is SSL certified. Are you referring to a different page?

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Hello, im the guy from youtube with nomad sculpt, i cant import the fbx part, can you help me? My mail is thanks again

Comment author avatar

Sent you an email.

Comment author avatar

Hello, I bought ModMesh, where do I install the folder exactly? I installed it into ZTools it didnt recognize it, I installed it into ZStartups and it didnt recognize it. Where do I install it in Zbrush so I can start building new characters?

Comment author avatar

Hi, here a few options for loading files in ZBrush. 1. You can load the files into ZBrush by double clicking them. 2. Clicking the "Load Tool" button in the tool menu and selecting your file. 3. Copy the ZTool files into your installation folder under ZBrush\ZTools

Comment author avatar

Hi Follygon, so I tried all 3 of your methods. I keep getting the same response. I installed it into ZBrush\ZTools and it shows it loaded, but it wont allow me to load it. Now I can import every FBX assets but I saw in your release trailer it was all separated in folders and such. Mine didnt have that luxury, I tried loading the ZTools from the main menu, but got the same error. This is the error I keep getting, Im posting it on Imgur.

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