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Learn How To Design and Create a Robot

In this 2-hour, in-depth tutorial you will learn how to Design and Create a Robot.

We will begin by talking about design and some of the core elements that will make up our character. We will use these to help guide us and answer questions that come up as we progress. Then we will get into creating, starting off with blocking out our main shapes while using our core design elements to guide us as we go. We'll continue to add more information to these hard surface forms, and I'll intersperse more design ideas as we progress to break up our design principles into more manageable sections. Then we'll finish off with little bits of polish.

If you would like, you can follow along with me as I will be explaining every step as I go. Or you can use the information here to design and create your very own robot.

Note that this content is included for free in the Appeal Academy and in The Rendered tier on my Patreon

Covered in this Tutorial:

  • Learn design principles to guide your decision making
  • Learn hard surface tools and techniques for every step from blockout to final polish
  • Learn how to quickly and efficiently block out primary form
  • Learn how to use booleans to create complex shapes
  • Learn how to create more believable characters
  • Learn techniques to make hard surface forms more readable and interesting
  • Learn how to add small details, wear and tear, texture, and large chunks of damage

Files Included:

  • Step by step, 2-hour real-time video tutorial going through the stages of designing and creating a robot
  • 1 Complete Robot 3D Model (Pictured Above) (ZTL)
  • 1 Complete Robot 3D Model (Pictured Above) (OBJ)
  • Front, Side, and Back View Image for Reference (Model Sheet)

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