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Lighting and Rendering in Blender with Follygon

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Learn how to render professional looking images in Blender with Follygon. Follow along to learn all the basics of lighting and rendering with a provided render scene. Use the exact process and scene that Follygon uses to render all of his characters.

What is included?

  • 1 hour and 20 minutes of real time, narrated video content split between 7 chapters explaining the process of lighting and rendering in Blender. All lighting information is transferable to other softwares, but is explained using Blender and the Cycles rendering engine within Blender.
  • ZBrush Polypaint to Blender FBX DLL and detailed explanation of how to send 3D models from ZBrush to Blender with polypaint. You need this DLL file to be able to send polypaint to Blender in all ZBrush versions past 2021.1.2.
  • Detailed explanation of how to export 3D models from ZBrush to Blender with automated UVs and texture maps converted from polypaint.
  • Follygon's Blender Render scene, studio lighting setup, infinite ground plane, and test model.
  • High Resolution 3D Model of the Genie, created by Follygon for day 8 of sculptober 2020. Includes FBX files for the Genie's body and eyes for material separation.

Course Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Course Overview
  • Chapter 2: ZBrush to Blender with Texture Maps
  • Chapter 3: ZBrush to Blender with Polypaint
  • Chapter 4: Three Point Lighting
  • Chapter 5: Lighting in Blender
  • Chapter 6: Rendering in Blender
  • Chapter 7: Compositing in Photoshop

Who is this product for?

  • Those interested in creating professional looking renders in Blender.
  • Those that want to learn the ins and outs of lighting a character/ scene
  • Those that like Follygon's style of rendering and want to learn how to create similar images.
  • Fantastic for absolute beginners that want to learn about lighting, or pros that are looking to up their game.

This tutorial was created using Blender Version 2.90.1, but should still be applicable to future versions.

Note that this content is included for free in the Appeal Academy and Appeal Academy: Light

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(9 ratings)
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Lighting and Rendering in Blender with Follygon

9 ratings
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